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About Shikra

The centre aims to train Indian youth, rural populations, women, and specially-abled people to become highly skilled in the field of deep tech and drones, and to make them valuable assets for the Indian UAV ecosystem.

Benefits of Program

DGCA approved Drone Pilot License (RPC) with a validity of 10 years

Lifetime access to theory material for future use

Access to companies seeking DGCA Certified drone pilots in India.

Approved logbooks for flight logging (as well as simulation hours)


Real Estate

Agriculture & Farming


Environmental Conservation

Oil & Gas


Disaster Management

Survey & Construction

Security & Surveillance

Drone Training for All

Drone Pilot Training Program by Defy Aerospace


Drone pilot training provides comprehensive instruction on the operation and control of drones.

  • Training covers safe and effective drone operation
  • Topics include flight regulations, planning, emergency procedures, and maneuvering
  • DGCA Certification enables opportunities in aerial photography, videography, surveying, and inspections
  • Emphasis on situational awareness and risk management
  • Knowledge of maintenance and troubleshooting of Drones
  • Promotes responsibility, and ethical drone usage
  • Enhances career prospects in the drone industry


Most frequent questions and answers

The DGCA Remote Pilot Certificate is a certification issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India, which validates that an individual has undergone the necessary training and met the requirements to operate drones for commercial purposes in compliance with aviation regulations.

Having a DGCA Remote Pilot Certificate is important as it is a legal requirement for operating drones commercially in India and ensures safety, compliance, industry recognition, and expanded job opportunities.

The eligibility criteria are to be at least 18 years old, possess a minimum educational qualification of 10th grade, and have a valid Indian passport as per the requirements set by the DGCA.

Joining a DGCA-certified training center ensures that you receive training that adheres to the regulatory standards set by the DGCA. It provides you with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, enhances your skills as a drone pilot, and increases your employability in the industry.

The training program typically covers topics such as drone regulations and compliance, flight planning, safety procedures, emergency protocols, navigation, aerial photography, and data analysis. It provides a balanced combination of theoretical and practical training.

The duration of the training program can vary depending on the type of course. At Shikra, we are commencing our basic pilot training course which will be of 5 to 7 days of duration.

Instructors at the DGCA-certified training centre, Shikra are experienced and qualified drone pilots themselves. They possess the necessary certifications, licenses, and practical experience in drone operations. They will be able to provide expert guidance and mentorship during the training program.

After completing the training program, individuals can pursue various career paths as drone pilots in industries such as aerial photography, videography, inspections, surveys, agriculture, infrastructure, media, and more. The exact job prospects may depend on individual skills, market demand, and industry trends.

Yes, we do give post-training support for placement and resume building. There is a one-day session for the same.

We do not have a refund policy in case the candidate fails to join the course for any reason. However, the candidate can be enrolled in the next available batch of his/her choice.

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